49th Salzburg Talks

49th Salzburg Talks for Principals in Adult Education

49. Salzburger Gespräche (deutsche Version)

July 9 - 13, 2006, Eugendorf/Salzburg

Migration – cultural blend versus social explosive

Tasks and limits of adult education

Migration is by no means a new phenomenon. Emigration and immigration, however, pose a social challenge. Migration is linked with hope, yet at the same time with loss, insecurity and anxieties.
Social marginalization and isolation of immigrants leads to injustice, emphasizes inequalities and stigmatises the people concerned. Fuelled by populism in the media and in politics, ruptures jeopardizing coherence in today’s societies become more and more apparent. To what extent migrants and the generations succeeding them are given the chance to integrate into society, is of great importance. Housing situation, workplace availability and education play a significant part. Young rioters in France demonstrated in autumn of 2005 how far people will go if they believe they have got nothing to lose.

Such processes raise a number of questions: How far must or can people adapt to new circumstances against the background of general social erosion? What conditions are required so that a country’s population will consider foreign cultures to be enriching? In what way can a society benefit from what migrants bring with them into the country? What kind of intercultural competences do we need – not least for the mobility nowadays required in Europe? Also adult education is therefore confronted with new tasks of integration. What kind of models can adult education offer and how effective can they be?

During the “49th Salzburg Talks” the complex topic of migration is under discussion. This can also be seen as preparation for the year 2008, which will be the “European Year of Intercultural Dialogue”.

Chairing the Talks: Dr. Anneliese Heilinger, Mag. Hubert Hummer, Dr. Ewald Presker, Dr. Stefan Vater.

Participants: A total of 50 participants can be accepted.

Registration: Please return the registration form (see downloads) as soon as possible, by April 30th at the latest. Registration at the conference office: Association of Austrian Adult Education Centres, Weintraubengasse 13, 1020 Wien, Austria.

Location: **Gasthof Gastagwirt, 5301 Eugendorf, Salzburg.

Costs: The conference fee is 135,– €. The remainder of the costs for the preparation, organisation and staging of the Salzburg Talks, interpretation and reporting are borne by the Association of Austrian Adult Education Centres.
Accommodation is different. Participants are charged € 349 for accommodation at the Gasthof Gastagwirt, € 343 for accommodation at the Hotel Santner and € 383 for accommodation at the Gschirnwirt.


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