3. Zukunftsforum -- 2011 -- 3rd Future Forum on Adult Education

Adult educators, program planners, educational staff, educational and social researchers

06 to 08 July 2011

VHS Urania Wien (follow the link to get more information)

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Alone or Together? Networks and Cooperations in Adult Education

The importance of and the interest in networks in adult education continue to increase. The important role that networks play in adult education is especially apparent from their promotion in different EU projects and their growing scientification through network analysis. In the everyday life of professionals working in adult education, the need for networks is becoming more and more evident. Exchanging in networks and entering into cooperations are gaining in importance. Often this is also linked to the hope that adult education as a whole can be given a stronger voice and that at the same time the interests of one’s own institution can be better represented.

The 2011 Future Forum asks the following questions:

  • Who gains which (additional) benefit from networks on different levels? What is the additional benefit of international networks?
  • Where can one find best practice examples and what constitutes a best practice example?
  • How can existing local resources and contacts be used as efficiently as possible?
  • Does networking, as a moment of modernisation, threaten traditional structures of adult education?
  • What competences are required for networking –– both for networking locally and for working in international cooperations and networks?

The embeddedness of one's own adult education centre or institution in the local context and the tension between local integration and global demands serve as a starting point for a critical examination of networks and a discussion of them.

The 2011 Future Forum strives to

• create an open and result-oriented dialogue between professionals working in adult education, education planners and researchers, and

• work out practical requirements concerning the present and future of adult education on an international level (expert lectures, workshops on future topics featuring working groups on strategy development).

Schedule and agenda [Program Details]

Tuesday, 05 July 2011 Possible date of arrival, Guided city tour (in the evening)
Wednesday, 06 July 2011

Opening: 10 am (VHS Urania Vienna)

Keynote Lecture: John Field (GB) >Adult Education and Networks<


Best Practice Presentations (CfP) - detailed Information in the beginning of june

Evening Program: visit of a Heuriger (wine tavern) [30€]
Thursday, 07 July 2011


Keynote Lecture: Franja Centrih (SLO) >Lifelong Learning Centre Savinjska< [Abstract]

Panel Discussion >Surplus Value of Networks, Factors of Success< Afternoon:

Workshops (CfP)

Book Presentation: >Adult Education and Social capital< (Lit)


Friday, 08 July 2011


Keynote Lecture: Harald Katzmair (A), >Networking Competences<

Summary, synthesis and final discussion

(End with Lunch)

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Keynote Speakers: John Field (GB), Franja Centrih (SLO), Harald Katzmair (A)

Concept: Elisabeth Brugger (Wien), Hannes Galter (Graz), Walter Schuster (Wien), Nicole Slupetzky (Salzburg), Stefan Vater (Wien).

Number of participants: max. 50

Languages: The conference languages at the Future Forum will be German and English.


The “Future Forum on Adult Education" focuses on the exchange of ideas, and talks and discussions from the perspective of working together to define fundamental challenges and problems in future adult education.

Besides the lectures of its main speakers, the conference is characterised by a phase of moderated workshops during which participants can make their contributions and pose practical questions, which will then be linked methodically with the approaches of the lecturers.


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The conference fee is EUR 150. (including: Seminarcosts, Lunch, not included: Hotel, Dinner, Evening Programm)
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